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Инженерные изыскания

OOO PSK “HimPromProekt” offers its customers a full complex of works on engineering research (Certificate of admission to the works of engineering activities, that affect safety of capital construction # CPO-and-032-22122011 by 10 September 2013 year).

Engineering-geodetic survey- complex GEODESIC and topographical works, to obtain topographic and geodetic materials and data on the situation and terrain, existing buildings and structures (land-, underground and above-ground) and other elements of layout, necessary for integrated assessment modelling of natural and technological conditions of the territory of construction and design rationale, construction, exploitation and eliminating objects.

Geological engineering survey – reconnaissance survey, laboratory studies of soils and groundwater, soil survey of the bases of existing buildings and structures, off-site materials handling, thermophysical calculations, forecast changes in geological engineering conditions, establishment of a technical report.

Engineering-ecological survey – study on the environmental components Wednesday (soil composition, atmospheric air, groundwater and surface water, geophysical fields), study of flora and fauna, technological and socio-economic conditions in the vicinity of the project.